Our Solutions


IClass One is a software that brings together all of the solutions that IClass offers in the management of external activities carried out in the field, integrating them into the main modules available in SAP Business One. With our solution, it is possible to manage the entire operations team in an efficient manner, organizing all types of external activities such as service orders, calls, deliveries and maintenance.


IClass is a software company with more than 20 years of experience focused on the development of solutions for companies that need to manage activities in the field, with specific modules for the maintenance of machinery and equipment, algorithms for field service routing and management of the allocation of employees in the field. Our objective and biggest challenge is uniting technological innovation with the continuous optimization of our clients’ business processes.

Todas as soluções para SAP Business One em um único lugar

Nós unimos as melhores soluções certificadas para SAP Business One e totalmente integradas para dar a melhor experiência ao mercado por meio das soluções de verticais.