Our Solutions

Logistics and Transport

B1Log offers companies complete fleet management, efficiency in route planning, vehicle telemetry, costs forecasting and guaranteed results, governance, unification with stability, greater visibility and total control of company processes, providing information for real-time use and access by the entire company.


PEOPLEWARE IT (PWIT) is a national company specializing in creating personalized technology solutions for its clients. We believe that people and information are a company’s most important assets, and we use IT to connect human capital with strategic data management.

With this we strive to use digital transformation as a resource for the optimization and sustainability of production processes and corporate governance, creating spaces for best practices, evolution and profitability for our clients.

Todas as soluções para SAP Business One em um único lugar

Nós unimos as melhores soluções certificadas para SAP Business One e totalmente integradas para dar a melhor experiência ao mercado por meio das soluções de verticais.